Стивънс за „озито“ и ФЕД….

Част от коментара на Стивънс за tapering-a: “Well, I think we could all hope that the Fed will be in a position to do the tapering at some point before too much longer. As I’ve said before, I think when they get to the point where they can do that or begin that, that’s actually a good news story, both for the US economy and for us.

Какво каза за австралиеца /все пак пазара намери изненада в това/:I don’t think the extent of our knowledge about what’s correct is that good, but I did think 95 was rather too high. I thought 85 would be closer to the mark than 95 at the time we started to make some comments some months ago….

About Kiril Garchev Head of Trading and Brokerage

Head of Bulbrokers Treasury operations
Публикувано на Форекс. Запазване в отметки на връзката.

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